In order to collaborate with colleagues in SciFlow documents, the author who created the document has to invite someone to join it. 

Getting to the invite View

There are multiple ways to get to the Invite an author view in SciFlow's Authors Tab on the right side. They are all available from within the document you wish to invite someone to. 

The first way is also the easiest way to invite someone. Simply click the large yellow "invite author" button in the top right of your document. This will open the invite authors view. 

The second way is to manually navigate to the Authors Tab by clicking the Authors button in the bar on the right side of SciFlow. From there you can click the "+" to open the invite authors view.

Sending the invite

The invite an author view allows you to enter the email address of the person you wish to invite, as well as a short personal message to let them know it's from you.

After you've invited someone, the Authors Tab will change to show who you've invited and whether they've accepted or not. As long as they haven't accepted, it will look like this.

Accepting an Invitation to SciFlow

Once the invite is confirmed, the invited person will receive an Email notifying them of the invitation that also provides a link to the Sign Up page in SciFlow. 

This user can then Sign Up by entering their Email address and will automatically join the document they've been invited to. 

Once the Co-Author has accepted the Email, it will display them as having joined your document. If they decide to add their name to their profile, their name will appear here as well.

Once your Co-Author has successfully joined the document you can start working together in SciFlow by writing, citing, sharing references and discussing in SciFlow.

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