Adding an equation

In order to add an equation into the editor, place your cursor at the part of your document you want the equation to appear. Then click the "Equations" button in the format bar at the top. This will cause the equation view to fade in.

LaTeX users

Experienced LaTeX users can write their code directly into the line, where it will automatically be converted into the preview below. Clicking "Discard Changes" undoes any changes you’ve made, "Place Equation" saves them.

Non-LaTeX users

Non-LaTex users are advised to click the Help tab, where they will find a link to this article, as well as a link to a recommended equations editor with buttons, found at

Create your equation in the Wiris editor, then copy & paste the text that appears in the LaTex box on the bottom right of the page to the Tex Code line in SciFlow’s equation Window.

Inline Slider

Finally, there is the inline slider. The standard enabled state of the slider will cause your equations to appear where your cursor was in your document. Disabling it will cause your equation to appear centralized in its own line in the editor. 

That's it, all there is to know about equations in the new version of the SciFlow app! If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, let us know at

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