SciFlow is providing you with a text editor that allows you to write your scientific paper without complications - at least for the writing part. For this purpose we have picked specific features, like citing, equations and headings. All of these features are usable through the icons that are displayed in the editor. 

We have gathered an overview of all those icons in this article.

Take into consideration, that some features will forward you to another article, giving you further assistance. 


   1. bold                                       6. indent                               11. tables
   2. italic                                      7. outdent                             12. equations
   3. blockquote                           8. footnotes                         13. undo
   4. list                                         9. citations                            14. redo
   5. enumeration                        10. figure

If the icon is greyed out, it does not have any purpose under the current cursor position. For example, you can not add a picture while writing inside of a heading.


  1. References - upload and view your references
  2. Authors - invite new authors and view all your currently collaborating ones 
  3. Comments - write and view those comments which are present in the selected text passage
  4. Templates - export your document with one of our templates

Open and Close the sidebar 

The grey arrows in the lower, right corner will open and close the sidebar. This is also achieveable if you reclick the currently opened menu item.

Table of Content 

Click our "Table of Content"-icon and it will open a menu, that will list all the headings chronologically. 


This icon will open the chat that allows you to get in contact with our support team. Whenever your having problems or feel like you have suggestions to improve SciFlow, drop us a line. We are thankful for every kind of feedback.

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