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Since the goal of SciFlow is a writing process that allows you to focus on producing text and rich content while automatically assuming the formating process of each document, there are two ways of interacting with the editor:

  1. Editing the core running text, including text elements like figures, tables, equations, and citations—made accessible through the formatbar.

  2. Using meta functions like choosing the format and citation style, inviting and working with collaborators, and creating a reference library—made accessible through the sidebar.

For further information on specific topics, we embedded the links to articles that will discuss each issue in more detail.


The format bar is located on the top of the screen and enables the editing of the running text. Only new chapters are added outside the format bar, which is explained below. Moving forward, you find an accumulation of all available functionalities and a link to further information if at hand.

   1. bold                                       7. enumeration                       13. tables
   2. italic                                      8. indent                                 14. equations
   3. superscript                           9. outdent                               15. hyperlink
   4. subscript                             10. footnotes                            16. undo
   5. block quoting                      11. citing                               17. redo
   6. listing                                   12. figures                               18. special characters
                                                                                                     19. page break

If the icon is grey, it can't be used under the current cursor position. For example, you can not add a picture while writing inside of a heading.

Adding New Chapters

New Chapters are added directly in the editor via the [+] buttons that appear between every existing chapter. Within these chapters, you can also create a variety of subheadings through the icons next to a paragraph.

For an introduction into headings, click here.

The sidebar is located on the right-hand side of the screen and addresses all settings and functionalities above the generic editing of running text. Below you find an overview of all available options with embedded links to more narrow articles.

  1. Document Outline - This menu lists all headings, figures, tables, and equations chronologically and allows for easy cross-referencing.

  2. Authors - Invite new authors, assign roles, and manage all currently participating collaborators.

  3. Comments - Used to overview all comments posted within the current document.

  4. Reference Library - Upload and use your references via drag and drop citing.

  5. Export & Submit - Export your document with the format settings of a chosen template or assign a new one. 

To enter or exit these sidebar menus, a click on the desired icon either opens or closes them.


If you need any further help moving forward you can always reach out to us via mail at support@sciflow.net.

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