We now support the import of tables into SciFlow. In order to do this, there is no need for you to create a new table. Rather, you can simply import the existing table into your document.

If you've saved your table as an image, you can simply place it in the App by clicking the "Image Table" button and uploading it. It is also able to categorize files uploaded as images as a table, instead. This can be done in the bottom of the figure via the blue framed button, which will say either "Table" or "Image", depending on which state it is currently in.

Already have a completed Table?

The easiest way to integrate a Table into SciFlow is via a screenshot. There are various softwares to do this with. 

Mac computers can activate the screenshot function by pressing [CMD] + [Shift] + [4] together. You can then click and drag to select the area you wish to screenshot. The screenshot will then be saved on your desktop

Windows offers the software Snipping Tool. Information on how to use it can easily be found online on Microsoft's support site.

Creating a new table

Good options to create Tables are Microsoft's PowerPoint and Excel. A free alternative would be Google Docs Spreadsheets. Some of these programs don't allow you to export your tables though, so you may have to use the aforementioned screenshot tools or copy them into a tool that does (such as PowerPoint) and save them as an image from there.

As we're still working on getting the creation of tables integrated into SciFlow, these small workarounds should allow you to get your writing done even without it. 

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