Once you've gotten your references into SciFlow, whether you're using our Mendeley integration or manually importing, you're ready to start citing. 

The first thing to know is that there are two ways to start the citing process in SciFlow. 

Adding citations

Drag and Drop

The first way to cite in SciFlow, is to select a reference in the Bibliography Tab by either scrolling through your references or searching for it at the top of the Tab. 

Then, simply click, hold down, and drag the reference into the place you want it in the text, where you can release it. This will insert the standard citation of your reference. 

That's it, you can now cite with drag & drop.

Search and Cite

The second way to cite in SciFlow is by clicking the cite button in the format bar at the top center of the SciFlow App. 

This will bring up the Insert citation view, in which you can search for your reference by author or title. Find and click your reference to open up the reference editor.

The reference editor functions the same as described above in the drag and drop section. Now you know how you can cite in SciFlow. 

Applying Citations Style

SciFlow supports more than 8.000 citation styles. Most journals or organizations require a specific citations style. Because of that, the citation style is applied when exporting your document based on a template. E.g., if you export your text with our IEEE template, the right citation style is used.

If you believe, a citation style doesn't match the requirement of a journal or organizations, please let us know.

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