It is possible for Mendeley users to connect to their Mendeley account from within SciFlow and to directly access their sources, without having to export/import them. 

Connect to your Mendeley Library

In order to connect to your Mendeley Library, you have to take a few simple steps. You'll be logged in and ready to start citing in moments.

From the SciFlow App, go to the Bibliography Tab in any given document by clicking the Bibliography Icon in the Tab bar on the right side of the app.

Next, click the text "Connect your Mendeley Library" in the Bibliography Tab. This will open up the Mendeley Login screen.

Finally, enter your Mendeley Email and Password into the login screen that will pop up, then click "Authorize."

Your Mendeley Library will be fully imported into SciFlow for you to work with. Please note that this may take a few moments, depending on how fast your Mendeley data can be obtained. 

Updating your Mendeley References

It is quite possible that you'll eventually want to make some changes in your Mendeley Library, be it adding new references or removing/changing old ones. SciFlow's Mendeley integration can synch with your Library to update itself with any changes you've made. 

Once you've made changes in your Mendeley library after you've connected your Mendeley to SciFlow, hit the refresh button in the Bibliography Tab. You'll be able to see (or search for) and work with any changes you made in Mendeley .

That's it, you're set to start citing with your Mendeley references in SciFlow. If you have any questions about how to cite in SciFlow, check out this support article for quick help.

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