It is possible to connect to a Mendeley account with SciFlow and directly access their sources, but also to export the references as bib files and upload them to SciFlow.

  1. Conecting your Mendeley library

  2. Importing and updating references

  3. Exporting bib files from Mendeley

Connecting your Mendeley Library

First, make sure to log in to Mendeley. Then open the Reference Library through the sidebar in the editor. If there are no references in your SciFlow library yet, you can connect to your Mendeley Account by clicking on the Mendeley logo. If there are entries within your SciFlow library, the context menu in the top right corner (depicted by three dots) offers you the same option (Connect Mendeley).

After choosing one of the options above, you will access a connection screen that asks you to select the account you want to proceed. That typically is the profile you signed in to Mendeley beforehand.

Afterward, your complete Mendeley library will be imported into SciFlow. From there on out, these references will be accessable in each of your documents. Please note that this process may take a few moments, depending on how fast your Mendeley data arrives, if necessary reload the SciFlow editor page.

Updating Your Mendeley References

Every change made in Mendeley, as well as every new entry, can be synchronized with your SciFlow library in retrospect. The general update button (Synchronize connected apps) next to the three dots synchronizes all integrated apps at once. Every new entry automatically appears on top of your Personal library after synchronizing.

But through the context menu, you can also only update one particular connected app if needed.

Keep in mind that you first must synchronize your Mendeley before SciFlow can fetch any updated data.

Exporting Bib Files from Mendely

Alternatively, you can also export bib files from Mendeley to upload your references.

  • Select one or more reference entries you wish to export from your document list.

  • Go to File and then select Export.

  • Assign a name and where to save your bibliography and choose the file type BibTeX (*.bib).

  • Export the references by hitting the Save button.

Find more information regarding uploading bib files to SciFlow through this article.

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