Once you've successfully cited a reference in SciFlow, you have a lot of options on what do next. If you're having trouble citing in SciFlow, feel free to consult this article.

The most important things you can do are change your references in the Reference Editor, as well as define whether you want to keep references you've cited public to potential co-authors.

Reference Editor View

In order to give specifics on which part of the reference you wish to cite and in which style, simply click the reference in the text to open up the reference editor. 

Page and Prefix

You can specify what page and with which prefix you wish to cite your reference here. Changes in the editor view will be overtaken into the citation in the text.

Custom format

You can determine whether and how author and/or year should be displayed in your citation. The four options are visible in the image above.

  • default: contains the author and the year

  • no author: only the year of the publication is displayed

  • only author: only the author of the publication is displayed

  • combined: Author is shown. Year is in brackets, e.g. Smith (1999)

Changes will be visible in your citation in SciFlow. When exporting the document, the selected citation style is applied.

Add and remove references

Additionally, you can add more references if you're citing more than one reference at once. By clicking the "search and choose your references" text, you can start searching for additional references to add to your citation and cite multiple sources at once. Each of them can be configured in the same way as the first. 

Removing References 

From the text

You can easily remove your references from your text in the same way you would delete regular text, by backspacing them in the editor. This will cause the reference to change in the "This Document" Tab of your sidebar. 

From the document

While the message will be removed from your text and will no longer appear in any exports, it will still appear in the "This Document" list, in case you wish to restore it. If you wish to completely delete it, simply click the bin to open the delete dialogue. 

SciFlow separates between your personal uploaded references and the ones that have been used in a document. This distinction serves to keep them easier to tell apart, and to ensure that co-authors only have to share references they want to with each other.
Furthermore, references can only be deleted from the shared references tab, and thus from the document entirely, by the author that originally added them. This adds an extra layer of safety for mistakenly deleted references.

That's it, now you know everything you need to edit your references in SciFlow.

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