SciFlow's Profile function allows users to reveal as much relevant information about themselves as researchers as they need, no more and no less. By filling out your Profile, SciFlow will be able to correctly display your name, title and affiliation when exporting documents via Templates. Additionally, your coworkers will more easily be able to see who you are and what your background is.

You can find your Profile in SciFlow by clicking the Icon in the top right of the SciFlow App, no matter where you are. This will trigger a drop down list with the options Profile and Log Out. Once you select Profile, you'll be taken to your Profile page.

Your Profile is split into three parts. The first part is your Personal information, including your name Title (if you have one), First Name and Last Name.

The second part of your Profile is Professional affiliations, which provides information about the Position, Department, Institution and address of the groups your are professionally affiliated with. You can add additional affiliations by clicking "+ affiliation" in the bottom right.

The third and final part of your Profile is your Contact information. Currently, there is only one area available, which is your Email. This is automatically pre-filled with the Email address you used to Sign Up with SciFlow. 

That's all there is to know about SciFlow Profiles for now. We will be adding more options and customization in the future.

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