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  2. How to Access and Edit a Profile

Your SciFlow Profile

SciFlow's profile seeks to allow users to reveal as much relevant information about themselves as researchers as they need and want, no more and no less. By updating your profile, SciFlow will be able to correctly display your name, title, and affiliation when exporting documents depending on the chosen template. Additionally, your coworkers will be able to see who you are, what your background is, and vice versa.

How to Access and Edit Your Profile

You can edit your profile in SciFlow by opening the App Navigation Drawer in the document management view. Among others, this drawer offers you access to your profile data. The following interface displays the specifications you already made about yourself and lets you change them by selecting Edit profile.

From there, you can edit the different sections of your profile by filling out the corresponding spreadsheets and confirming your input by clicking Save changes.

Your profile consists of three parts: personal information, professional affiliation, and contact.

  • Personal information includes your name title (if you have one), first name, and last name.
  • Professional affiliations provides information about the position, department, institution, and address of the groups you affiliate with professionally. You can declare more than one affiliation and add them to your info by clicking + affiliation button below the input field.
  • The third and final part of your profile is your contact information. Currently, there is only one input slot, which contains the mail address you used to sign up for SciFlow.

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