SciFlow's Table of Contents allows Authors to navigate their documents quickly and displays the overall structure of documents at once glance. Furthermore, you can even create cross-references with it, as explained in this short informational text.

To access your document's Table of Contents in the editor, open your document in SciFlow and check the top-right side of the editor, next to the format bar in the center,  for this button.

By clicking it, your document's structure will be displayed. It is automatically updated as you add/remove or change your text's structure, such as new headings (Abstract, H1, H2, etc.) or changing the order of parts. Additionally, there will be a visual indicator representing the hierarchical structure of headings and subheadings (chapters and subchapters). You can easily navigate your document by clicking the chapter you wish to go to in your Table of Contents.

Your Table of contents will automatically be applied if you decide to export your document with a template. 

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