1. What is the Document Outline

  2. What Functionalities the Outline Offers

The Document Outline

The Document Outline aims to allow you to navigate and overview the contents of a document and how they are structured. Therefore it accumulates all chapters, sub chapters, and text elements (like tables, figures, equations) currently used in a project. It is accessed through the Document Outline button on the sidebar menu on the screen's right-hand side.

The outline lists chapters in consecutive order of their appearance. Through indent and labeling, all sub chapters are displayed to reflect the hierarchy in which they relate to their superior sections.

In addition to the chapters, tables, figures, and equations also enter the Document Outline. They are gathered below the listing of chapters and are also listed in order of appearance.

Using the Document Outline

Besides providing an accessible overview of the structure and contents of a document, the outline also allows you to navigate through your work, cross-reference other chapters or text elements, or even rearrange sections.

Selecting any listed element from the outline with the mouse leads you to the text's respective position, allowing you to jump to desired places in the document instantly.


While a simple click on an item in the outline leads you to its position, dragging and dropping it into the running text creates a cross-reference to that element. Here you can find further information regarding cross-referencing.

Rearrange Chapters

Next to every entry of a main chapter (H1), there is an icon of three dots. Selecting that icon opens a menu that allows you to relocate the respective H1 by dragging it to the desired position between the other main chapters.

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