Commenting is an important part of every document in SciFlow, even more so when there is a large number of co-authors collaborating on one document. By commenting a section of text, you can highlight areas of interest to your co-authors with a short message. If you'd rather watch a short video than read an article about commenting, you can find it right below. Otherwise, read on.

In order to comment a piece of text in SciFlow, simply highlight the text segment you wish to comment. This will cause the comment button to appear. 

Clicking the comment button will cause SciFlow to prompt you to create a discussion name and a first comment in the comments tab on the right. 

Other authors of the document will now see your comment highlighted in a golden color in the text. 

Clicking it will open up the discussion for them in the comments tab. Here they can see your discussion's topic and first comment and reply.

You can edit or delete your comments by selecting the three vertically aligned dots next to individual comments in the discussion and clicking delete. 

Once your discussion has been resolved you can delete the entire discussion by selecting the submenu in the shape of three vertically aligned dots next to the discussion's title and clicking delete. This will irrevocably delete your discussion, so be sure it has been thoroughly resolved.

That's it, now you can comment and discuss in SciFlow.

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