Sharing your references with Co-Authors and citing collaboratively are some of the best things about SciFlow. This is a quick summary of the things you can do and the things to look out for when sharing references and citing collaboratively. Click either of the two link if you're having trouble with importing your references or citing in general. 

Once you've uploaded your references in a document, they'll all be in your personal tab within the Bibliography section on the right side of the App.

These are your personal references and are not shared with anyone, not even the other co-authors in this document. By citing a reference, it will be copied into the "This Document" Tab of the Bibliography Tab. 

This reference will now be visible to every Co-Author in the Bibliography section's This Document Tab along with every other reference used in the Document. These are the basics of sharing references in SciFlow. However, there are still some small advanced details to know.

Removing shared References

When a shared reference is deleted from the text by any author, it will still remain in the This Document Tab of the Bibliography Section. However, only the Author who added the Reference from his Personal collection is able to completely delete it from the document. While it won't appear in the document's Bibliography while it isn't cited in the text, it will still be available to be replaced by any Co-Author. 

The Author who originally uploaded it will be able to delete the Reference from the This Document Tab by clicking the Garbage Bin Icon in the reference in the This Document Tab once it's been removed from the Text. 

That's it, all you need to know about collaborative citing and sharing of references in SciFlow.

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