Exporting in SciFlow is something that you won't just have to deal with at the end of your work. Parts of the export process are also important before and during the writing itself. 

Learn by doing

If you'd rather try out exporting than read about it, you can click the link below to open our demo export template. It is pre-filled with content and will export to a file that shows you an example of the full power of SciFlow's formatting capabilities.


If you'd rather read about exporting, continue on below. 

Do you already know which format you want?

In the document overview, you have the option to "Create from Template", in the top left next to the "+" button. 

Doing so will allow you to select the desired organization via a search bar or scrolling to find it, and then select the desired template from there. In case your template isn't available yet, let us know via the chat and we'll make sure to add it.

Changing templates from within your document

If you have an existing document and don't want to create a new one for your template, you can go to the "Templates" tab in the vertical menu bar on the right of your document to select your template. This can also be done via either the search bar or scrolling. Once you've found your template, you can click it to "select" it. The document will now remember this selection and export to this template every time you export. It will also be added to the top of the list. You can change this selection at any time by "selecting" another template from the list. 

Exporting to preview a document's formatting

Once you've written a bit and feel like you want to see how your document will look once exported in its current state, again select the "Templates" tab and then, depending on your template choice, either the button "create pdf" or "export". This will create a fully formatted file, containing things such as cover page, table of contents and bibliography along with your text, depending on the requirements of the selected template. 

Final export

The final export is identical to the preview. You can download your PDF, should you choose to create one, via the download button in your browser. If you selected a .oDT or .ZIP export,  the download should start automatically. If you wish to export as a website, it will open in another tab in your browser.

Now you know everything you need to start exporting in SciFlow. 

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