1. Selecting a Role for an Invitee

  2. Sending an Invite

To work with the SciFlow editor in a group, you need to invite collaborators. To do that, simply click on the Invite Authors button on the top right of the screen. Afterward, the menu to invite an author will open in the sidebar.

Select a Role for the Invitee

Before you proceed to invite someone into your document, make sure that you first select the appropriate role for your invitee. Otherwise, it might happen that your Co-Authors won’t be able to edit the document because they were assigned the status of Comment only. Here you can find an overview of the available roles and what they mean.

Send an Invite via SciFlow or Your Email Client

You can realize an invitation in two ways. First, you can send an email by entering the respective email address of the chosen invitee and clicking Send invite. Optionally you can provide your email with a message regarding further instructions or the like. 

Second, you can generate an invitation link by clicking Just copy the link on the bottom of the menu. That adds the link to your clipboard and allows you to then share it through pasting it into the channels of your choice (e. g. your email client). Everyone using that link will be led and invited to the corresponding document. Multiple people can use one invite link.

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