1. Import an External Table

  2. Merged Cells and Text Properties

How to Import an External Table

Besides creating a table via the table button, there is also the option of pasting in a preexisting table from a different office document. That means tables of other projects can be implemented into SciFlow without recreating them from scratch. To do that, simply select the respective table or a portion of it and copy it. Afterward, you can paste that table into your SciFlow document at a favorable spot.

Merged Cells and Text Properties

If the table in question contains merged cells, this approach can help you out as well, since importing a chart from an external program (e. g. Microsoft Office or Open Office) also preserves its original grid structure.
Keep in mind that this method currently does not transfer text alignment and thus has to be adjusted subsequently. Also, please take note that the import of tables from Excel does not include text properties like italic or bold. 

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