The original idea of SciFlow was to make it easier to create theses. With SciFlow, we wanted to develop a software which contains precisely the functionalities which are necessary for writing a scientific thesis - no more and no less. In discussions with students and thesis supervisors, we identified three problems that we would like to solve with SciFlow:

  • Formatting with MS Word can be very time-consuming, especially before the submission.

  • Often reference administrations are not used because the training, the connection to the writing program and the choice of the literature management program is too time-consuming.

  • Obtaining and incorporating feedback from the supervisors is very cumbersome.

SciFlow aims to improve these three points:

  • Automatic formatting: SciFlow automatically formats documents and creates a print-ready PDF.

  • Simple quoting: SciFlow integrates the most important literature management programs, automatically creates bibliographies, and applies the selected citation style automatically and consistently.

  • Collaboration: SciFlow allows simultaneous writing and discussion of work directly on the document.

SciFlow can be used free of charge. Universities can conclude campus agreements with SciFlow to obtain individual templates and improved support.

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