The most important window of SciFlow is the text editor with the format bar and the sidebar.

Text editor

Headings and texts are added in the text editor. Our goal was to focus on writing, not formatting. Therefore, the written text does not appear in the final formatting, but a clear intermediate format. Formatting is done separately and automatically during export.


Text elements such as figures, tables, or formulas can be inserted here. Also, smaller formatting settings such as bold, italic, and indented are assigned.

The sidebar contains all further functions of SciFlow:

  • Table of Contents: Here you can see the structure of the document

  • Authors: All authors and commentators of the work are visible there.

  • Comments: The comments are displayed here

  • Spellcheck: Check your text for any typos

  • References: Here references can be imported and inserted into the text.

  • Export: The document can be exported here.

Take-away Tip 1: Write first, format at the end

The most important principle of SciFlow is that you can fully concentrate on writing - SciFlow formats automatically during export.

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