Before You Write

Before you start writing, we recommend that you select a template in SciFlow. This ensures that the formatting at the end corresponds to the specifications of your chair or the style used.

On this page, you will find a template widget that helps you find a fitting template.

For universities with which SciFlow has a campus agreement, we have created department-specific format templates:

As part of the free use of SciFlow, we have created templates for different departments (e.g., for psychology based on APA, for medicine, there is AMA, chemistry has ACS).

Then you can choose in which language you want to create the document and whether it is an assignment or a thesis.

When creating the document, SciFlow creates a structure for the thesis.

The First Export

To get a better impression of what the final export will look like, we recommend exporting the work as a PDF. In the sidebar, click on Export & Submit and then on Download. A PDF will then be generated and displayed to you (or offered for download depending on your browser).

You can now customize the information on the title page and the chapters it contains.

Information on the Title Page

Title of the work: This text can be replaced by the (temporary) title of your work.

Delete Unneeded Chapters

You can delete unnecessary chapters (e.g., glossary) by clicking on "Chapter" at the beginning of the chapter and then on Delete entire chapter (trash-symbol in the upper right corner).

Take-away Tip 2: First the Template

It is best to choose the appropriate template at the beginning. All chapters are there, settings are made, and you only have to concentrate on writing.

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