SciFlow does a lot of work for you before you hand your paper in. Format, directories, cross-references, and bibliographies are automatically created correctly during export. 

Directly before finishing the paper, it is a matter of a few more details, so that it is perfect.

Export the PDF (refer to Tip 2), to see the current status of your paper. Retake a look at each page. From our experience, it is worthwhile to have a look at the following points.

Manual page breaks for fine-tuning

Are there paragraphs that look too squashed at the bottom (e.g., only one line below an image)? Is there an optimization potential for how space is distributed over two pages? For such cases, we recommend a manual page break. It can be inserted via the format bar.

Update title page information

Is all the information on the title page correct? (Check the date!)

Check directories

Most directories are created automatically by SciFlow. Other directories, such as the abbreviation directory, must be updated manually. A final check concerning the bibliography is also worthwhile.

Take-away Tip 9

Everything alright after the final check? Then off to the Copy-Shop :-)

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