If you have ever formatted citations by hand, you'll appreciate the help reference managers can give - they can save hours! There are always have been a few choices (Zotero, Mendeley, Endnote, Citavi and others). But it has always been necessary to sign up for an account, sometimes even download an app to start citing.

zbib.org is an easy way to create a reference collection for a thesis, publication or homework assignment. Here are the two steps to start your reference management workflow.

1) search for publications by title, ISBN or DOI (even in PubMed, Crossref and others)

You will be able to search for most publications that are online through zbib.org. If you don't find it you can still manually add it.

2) import the references into SciFlow and drag them into the text

Finally, to use the reference in SciFlow, download the collection as BibTeX

and then upload them into SciFlow as shown below. SciFlow will now do the formatting for you.

If you ever want to change a reference, just re-upload the reference list to SciFlow and click the refresh icon in your document library.

The time to start with reference management is now

To get started in SciFlow, log in to your account or create one for free. You can then start using zbib in any of your documents.

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