1. Comment only

  2. Co-Author

  3. Admin

The SciFlow editor allows you to work on a document as a group, enabling several people to work on the same project one at a time or even simultaneously. Between the participants of a project, there can also be assigned different roles of partaking, determining the level of influence one has on the document.

Comment only

This status allows you to read the content of a document, review the document history, and leave comments. Content cannot be altered with this role, and it should be assigned to someone, whose task is to review and proofread your project.


This status permits usage of the full scope of editing and changing in a shared document. From deleting chapters to creating tables and uploading images, this role provides complete authorization to work on a document’s content.


This status is identical to the Co-Author with the exception that an Admin can also change the role of other collaborators, remove them from a document altogether or even delete the document entirely. To remove or alter the status of a participant, you need to open the Authors category on the sidebar. Now you can open the context menu of the authors whose role you want to change and do so.

To learn how to manage the author information of other participants in a document you are an admin of, check out this article.

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