1. What is a Template

  2. Finding the Right Template

  3. Journals

  4. Scientifc Manuscripts

  5. Exposés, Assignments and Theses

  6. Blank

What is a Template

The formal requirements for a scientific contribution are very diverse and dependent on the particular circumstances. To comfortably apply the needed layout and citation standard to your document, SciFlow offers templates for the most prevalent scientific style guidelines of various journals and institutions.

Templates basically function as a casting mold in which you pour textual, visual, and referential content, which in turn automatically adopts the formal style dictated by the mold/template.

Among other format specifications like indent and line spacing, a template also predefines the heading structure and citation style of your document. That way, your document automatically matches the desired formal requirements, thus relieving you of manually formatting it yourself. The export of your project will then apply the respective layout to the finished product.

Choosing the Right Template

Whether you already have a specific requirement in mind or just looking to apply a more general style to your document, there is a suitable template for your project. You select templates either through the SciFlow website (Journal Templates, Manuscript Templates, Thesis Templates) or while creating a new document in the SciFlow documents view. 

Here you are presented with four categories: Journals; Scientific Manuscripts; Exposés, Assignments and Theses and Blank.


Within this category you’ll find templates for over 300 scientific journals, following their explicit style guidelines. Choose the fitting journal template by clicking the pen icon next to the desired entry.

Scientific Manuscripts

This category offers you to create a document under the preposition of the most common disciplines according to the corresponding manual of style. Within these templates, you are also able to select appropriate citation if available.

Exposés, Assignments and Theses

To finish a scientific paper including a cover page, table of content, and all relevant listings with the needed format and layout style, you can find adequate defaults within this category. After choosing a style template, you can select available citation styles and what type of manuscript you want to create.

If you are logged into SciFlow with the official mail address of a supported institute, you can also select customized templates for these institutes.


If you are solely interested in quickly generating a document without any prerequisites, this category allows you to do that only asking for the displaying language.

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