Some of our users wanted to use SciFlow more regularly within their teams. An easy way to get to know SciFlow is to use SciFlow within your meetings and take meeting notes with SciFlow.

Advantages of taking your meeting minutes with SciFlow

  • Multiple authors can write meeting minutes (e.g., on different topics)

  • You can store meeting results in the cloud (no data loss)

  • Documents can be consistently exported and distributed as PDF files

  • If you want to establish SciFlow in your team, this is a first simple step.

How do I create a meeting protocol in SciFlow?

1. selection of the template

Click on one of these links, login, and you can start:

2. team members

If you want to invite several team members at the same time, it is best to use "Just copy the link" (in the sidebar for authors). Here the invitation link is copied to the clipboard. You can send this link via email so that everyone has access to the document.

3. customize table & export

The columns of the table can be adjusted by simply dragging the table to the desired size with the mouse.

To export, click on export in the sidebar and then on Download.

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