1. Uploading a Figure Image

  2. Moving a Figure

  3. Replacing or Deleting a Figure

Figures are an effective way of visualizing and elevating your content. Images can be uploaded into your SciFlow documents with only a few clicks using the figure button in the format bar.

Uploading a Figure Image

After clicking the figure button, the figure image menu will open. The position of this menu indicates where the future figure will be placed. By choosing Upload an image, you will be asked to select the desired image file from your hard drive to load it into your project. Afterward, the designated figure appears in place of the former menu. There you will also have the opportunity to enter a caption for the figure and complementary notes if needed. 

Don’t worry about the displayed size of your image while working in the editor. The eventual export of your document will automatically format it with an adequate layout. If you want to look at the original size of your figure, click on the preview, and the original sized image will open in a separate window.
By the way, our recommended file type for figures is SVG, since its easily scalable and can also display text. Here you can find some tips for creating an SVG file.

Moving a Figure

You can quickly relocate a picture within a document by dragging and dropping it at the desired spot. While holding on to an object, a blue vertical line indicates where in the running text, the image would be released. Please note that a figure can only be placed at the beginning, or the end of a paragraph but never within one.

Replacing or Deleting a Figure

To further work with the pictures in your document, you can use the figure context menu.

This menu accompanies all successfully uploaded images and appears on their top left side. This menu allows you to replace the chosen figure with a different image from your hard drive, access adequate support articles (question mark), or delete the entire object (trash can). Via the context menu you have further acces to switch the display mode to landscape if your figure doesn't fit properly in the vertical paper format or restrict the displayed width of the image to decrease it's rendered size.

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