If you use Zotero to manage your references, you can connect your Zotero library with your SciFlow account. This way, you may access references without having to manually ex- and import them one by one.

Create an account

If you already synchronized your Zotero desktop app or use the browser app, you may skip ahead to the next step. But since Zotero allows you to use its desktop app without registration, it might be necessary for you to create an account and set up the synchronization in the app.
To do that, open Preferences under the Edit menu and select the Sync slide. There you will be asked to enter a username and a password but also have the option to create an account. Following that option leads you to the Zotero registration page. After you successfully created an account, revisit the Zotero app, and enter your user information and choose Set Up Syncing

Now everything is ready to connect your reference library to SciFlow.

Connect your Zotero library

Time to work with SciFlow again. Open any document and choose the Library button on the sidebar. Select the Manage references button on the top right of the screen and then Connect Zotero to receive further instructions. 

Click Connect Zotero now in the following window to access a Private Key that permits SciFlow to import your references. After you are logged in the key will be displayed and you are asked to accept it. 

By accepting the defaults, you can return to the SciFlow app and start importing your references.

Importing and updating your Zotero references

After the initial connection to Zotero, you can start the import in the same window that lead you to the Private Key. Otherwise, you still have the option to fetch your Zotero references via the Manage references button or the one left to it, which synchronizes all connected apps. These two buttons also provide the updating process of your reference collection. 

By selecting one of them, your SciFlow library will be compared to your Zotero library so that new entries or other changes will be adopted accordingly.

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