We have made it easier to create new chapter and sections (and fixed a number of bugs related to structuring).


You can now use the [+] button below or above each chapter to create a new chapter (h1) at that place. You will also find that clicking the button in front of the chapter title now gives you few more options which we'll discuss below.
To create a h2 (e.g. sup-chapter title) or anything below that, click the icon in front of any paragraph and a h2-h5 menu pops up.

The new options for chapters

You can now choose the chapter type, numbering, placement and advanced options for any chapter (i.e. a part of your text that starts with a h1 title).

Why is this helpful?

When we prepare your document (e.g. to print as a thesis), we sometimes need more information on the chapters of your document:

Is this the abstract or the bibliography?
Should a chapter be numbered?
Does this belong into the front matter of a thesis (i.e. it should have roman page numbers)
Should there be a page break after this chapter?

When you use any of our templates we usually try to make the right choices for you when creating your document - but that's not always enough.

You can check out the new chapter settings by clicking onto the button on the left to any h1 title.

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