Digital services for researchers and students' daily work are an essential component of the services offered by academic libraries. For collaborative and scientific writing, however, Microsoft Word - despite frustrating formatting - and Google Docs are still frequently used. The online writing and publishing software SciFlow solves what is frustrating or takes up too much time when creating publications: The formatting of texts is automated, reference management in the team is simplified, and collaboration takes place directly in one place.

To get a first impression of how students and researchers use SciFlow in a library or research institution, we warmly invite you to the free webinar "SciFlow for libraries." The speaker and managing director of SciFlow GmbH - Dr. Carsten Borchert - will discuss the following topics:

  • Introduction to SciFlow: Simplifying writing and publishing
  • Presentation of two possible applications: Writing a research article or writing a thesis with SciFlow
  • How to introduce SciFlow in a research institution: a practical example


02.07.20 | 14-15 h | Agenda & Registration

08.07.20 | 10-11 h | Agenda & Registration

We will soon offer this webinar in English. Please write to to get notified.

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