SciFlow allows you to manage your author details and arrange the contributor's information of any given document. You can also add contributors that don't have access to the SciFlow document on their behalf. If desired, you can also retrieve and update author data via ORCID.

  1. Editing your profile data

  2. Synchronizing with ORCID

  3. Changing author data for a single document

Forwarding: Managing Authors (Contributors)

Editing Your Profile

SciFlow allows you to automatically assign your author information to the documents you export. This input is determined through your Author Profile, which can be accessed through the App Menu in the top right corner

or directly within a document over the Authors menu (click on your own name).

Within your author profile, you can fill in crucial information about yourself and your affiliations. After editing your profile, confirm your profile's status via one of the SAVE buttons in the top or bottom right corner.

Synchronizing with ORCID

If available, you can fetch your author credentials from To bring your information from ORCID, fill in the respective code number in the designated input field and click on Request update to read the latest data.

Following that, SciFlow automatically completes updates missing or obsolete infos regarding your profile.

Adding Affiliations

You can also add affiliations manually by clicking the ADD AFFILIATION button. The appearing interface allows for addition by hand or gives the option to reuse any association already used beforehand. That applies to any contributor in the current document, allowing you to assign one affiliation to multiple people more efficiently (see also: Adding Contributors.)

Isolated Author Information for a Single Document

Editing your author information via the Authors menu within a document usually also updates your profile in general, thus affecting all other projects as well. But if you want to avoid that and adjust your details for a specific document only, you can do that by deactivating the Update profile option.

Deactivating this checkmark assures that the afterward changes to your profile only apply to the current document after saving. This feature allows you to micro-manage your details per document if necessary.

Managing Author Data of Other Participants of a Document

Here you can find out more about the management of the author information of other contributors.

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