1. The Right Export Style

  2. Exporting References

  3. Updating References

  4. Tips and Tricks

The Right Export Style

EndNote requires a specific export style that enables it to export BibTeX files.

You can find and download the needed style here. To install the style, just unzip the downloaded file and double-click the contained style, which should open it in EndNote. From there, you need to implement it into your EndNote styles via Files > Save As...

In the following dialogue, you can assign a name to the style. The Save button completes the integration.

Using the Export Style

  • Activate the style using Edit > Output Styles > Style Manager by ticking the box in front of the name you previously assigned to the export style.

  • Next, set declare your export style by either choosing the appropriate style from the drop-down menu (Bibliographic Output Style) or the list of available styles via the menu route Edit > Output Styles.

  • Then export all or a portion of chosen references by selecting them and either using the export button or the menu route Files > Export.

  • In the following window, add the ending .bib to your file name. Otherwise, SciFlow won't be able to identify the references file format correctly.

Please note that your exported file name may end in .txt. If that is the case, you will have to remove that suffix for the file to function correctly.

More information on uploading bib files to SciFlow are available here.

Updating EndNote References

After the first update of references to SciFlow, you can normally continue using EndNote to maintain and manage your entries. Changes and other updates to your references are easily transferred to SciFlow. Simply export the updated entries in EndNote as described above again and upload them to SciFlow. All changes will be recognized and applied automatically.

Tips and Tricks

Adding organizations as authors

Sometimes the author is not a natural person but an organization (or the name is not a western name). In that case there the first and last name can not be distinguished. To keep names in full, add a "{ }" around the name.

"{Deutsche Dermatologische Gesellschaft e.V. (DDG)}",

Keeping the spelling for non-English citations.

Many citation styles require citations to be in sentence case "Mary had a little lamb" as opposed to title case "Mary Had A Little Lamb". For SciFlow to automatically recognize exceptions to this rule (e.g. for German book titles), make sure to add a language to the reference lik de for german (or en for English). The abbreviations eng or ger are recognized as well.

Getting a correct access date for websites

When adding access dates for websites, make sure that it is given in the international YYYY-MM-DD format (e.g. 2020-10-20) so it can be displayed correctly (e.g. Stand: 5. Okt 2015 in German bibliographies).

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