In order to create the needed bib files with Citavi, two steps are necessary beforehand once. But after that, it's all smooth sailing.

  1. Setting up for the export

  2. Exporting references with Citavi

  3. Updating Citavi references

  4. Tipps and tricks

Setting Up the Export

Step One

First, the overall LaTeX/BibTeX support must be active to generate the necessary BibTeX keys for your references. Visit the citation menu (Tools > Options > Citation)

and activate the LaTeX support option field.

Step Two

Once the LaTeX support is enabled we recommend installing a specific Citavi export style to avoid non-english references appearing in the wrong title or sentence case (see Tips and Tricks below).

After downloading the needed Citavi export style, place it in the following file path to make it accesable for your Citavi app: \AppData\Local\Swiss Academic Software\Citavi 6\Settings\Mappings.

In some cases the files in this path are hidden. So if you are unable to follow the described path, you cann access the AppData folder of your harddrive by typing in the command %appdata% in the adress bar of your explorer and continue from there.

Following the placement of the export style you can fetch it from the Citavi app by opening the export menu (File > Export), selecting the Add export filter button, and choosing the respective style (BibTeX with Language ID) from the appearing list.

Please note: Sometimes a restart of the Citavi app may be necessary for the imported export style to properly appear in the list.

Exporting References

To export references you want to use in SciFlow, select them in Citavi and open the export menu via File > Export and choose to export all items in the library or only the selected ones. In the following window, choose the BibTeX export style (we recommend the BibTeX with Language ID style from above). Browse for the location you want to save the bib file on your hard drive and click the Next button until the export process is complete.

More information on uploading bib files to SciFlow are available here.

Updating Citavi References

After the first update of references to SciFlow, you can normally continue using Citavi to maintain and manage your entries. Changes and other updates to your references are easily transferred to SciFlow. Simply export the updated entries in Citavi as described above again and upload them to SciFlow. All changes will be recognized and applied automatically.

Tips and Tricks

Keeping the spelling for non-English citations.

Many citation styles require citations to be in sentence case "Mary had a little lamb" as opposed to title case "Mary Had A Little Lamb". For SciFlow to automatically recognize exceptions to this rule (e.g. for German book titles), make sure to install the export style above and add a language to the reference and use the common abbreviations for language IDs (like de or ger for German and en or eng for english).

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