1. Adding and Managing authors and contributors

  2. Ordering of Contributors

  3. Adding authors without a SciFlow account

Managing Authors and Contributors

If you are the owner of a document, you can adjust the information of co-authors and change roles or assign additional specifics. To access this function, open the Authors' menu within the document in question. Then click on the contributor whose data you want to edit. (Note that any alterations aside from your profile only apply within the bounds of the current document.)

To learn how to implement author data via an ORCID ID view this article.

Managing Roles and Specifics of Other Contributors

Once you want to alter your co-authors' information, there are the following additional options besides the author names and affiliations.

Roles: Here, you can choose between the available functions of the selected author.

Further specifics: Assign any given or necessary addition to an author's status.

Removing a contributor or hiding him from the publication: This option is available through the context menu next to the selected author's name.

Please confirm any edits by clicking the Save button.

Adjusting the Order of Contributors

Within the Authors menu the positioning of all the participants also reflects the order of appearance. Use the drag boxes beside the author names to adjust the order per drag-and-drop.

Adding Contributors without SciFlow Access

Should it be necessary to add an author to a document who doesn't have a SciFlow account, you can do that via the respective button at the top of the screen (Add author without document access).

The following procedure is identical to editing your own or your contributor's profiles.

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