1. What are revisions?

  2. How tor create revisions?

  3. How to review revisions?

  4. How to track changes?

  5. Navigation between revisions and editor.

What are Revisions?

Revisions allow you to save the momentary state of your document, i.e., how the document looks the moment you create the revision. You can create revisions at any time and if you have access to SciFlow pro features compare them to each other later, which allows the tracking of changes between the states of those revisions.

How to Create Revisions

Every document created after the 1st of October 2021 offers the option to create revisions on the top right side of the editor. Here you can either create a revision or use the drop-down menu to open the document's history that contains all revisions made this far.

By clicking Create revision, the context menu for creating a revision appears. There you can give the revision a name, leave a note designated to any document participant, and decide if you want to notify any co-authors about the newly made revision by mail immediately. Finish the revision by clicking the CREATE button.

Afterward, SciFlow presents a link that lets you open the document history and directly compares the newly created version to your document's latest state, including highlighted changes. But you don't have to use this link and can compare revisions later within the document history without a problem.

Review and Access Revisions

Once the state of a document is saved in the form of a revision, you and other co-authors can access that revision through the document history, reachable through the top right corner button.

From there, you can select any of the manually or automatically saved versions from an appearing list on the right-hand side to view how the document looked at that moment in time.

One can use revisions for review purposes as well as a safety net for rewriting certain portions of a text. Should you be dissatisfied with the new iteration of the section, you can always see how it initially looked like through the revision and copy the text in question from there at any time.

How to Track Changes by Comparing Revisions (Pro Feature)

Since every revision represents the state of a document from one certain point, comparing them allows you to track any differences or changes between two revisions. To compare revisions, open the document history (like described above). There you'll find the current state of your document depicted. The sidebar contains all the revisions that were made for that document so far. By clicking on them, you can review the respective contents in the display view. By selecting the check box of two revisions, the display view will automatically signal any differences and changes between the selected versions.

You find a toolbox that lets you navigate from one displayed change to the next one at the bottom of the screen.

Hovering above a displayed change also gives you the name of the person that made the change.

How to Navigate from Revision to Editor

While comparing two revisions you can use our return function to open the SciFlow editor in a new tab that jumps directly to currently selected change. The return function is located at the top of the document history.

Which displayed change is currently selected can be perceived by the backdrop shadow around the highlighted area. Click the return button once the desired change is highlighted that way and you'll arrive in the newly opened editor at the respective position in the text for further editing.

The return function is currently an early iteration. Updates and improvements follow in the future, which means any feedback is heartedly welcomed.

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