What SciFlow has to Offer

SciFlow is a browser-based online text editor that aims to simplify the academic writing process. It does that through these key aspects:

  • Automated formatting of your documents via templates.
    SciFlow offers a variety of templates that all apply a format suited for different occasions—from journal articles to assignments or theses. No more manual formatting is needed because the typesetting, citations, bibliography, table of contents, listings, and numbering are all done autonomously.

  • An editor catered to academic writing.

    The text editor is focused only on workflows important for academic writing—no more and no less. Citations, figures, tables, equations, and footnotes are placed with a few clicks to resume writing immediately.

  • Apply any desired citation style.

    Upload your references to SciFlow, place them where needed, and the desired citation style applies automatically—creating the bibliography on its own as well.

  • Work collaboratively without borders.

    SciFlow allows you to work collaboratively in a team within your documents in real-time or asynchronous, whether you are looking for someone to review your thesis or want to invite co-authors to write the next paper with you.

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