SciFlow lets you quickly bring the references you have gathered in Citace Pro to SciFlow while still using Citace to administer and manage your current and future references.

  1. Exporting your references

  2. Uploading your references in SciFlow

  3. Updating your references

Exporting Your References

To let SciFlow know how your references from Citace look, you need to download them as a bib. file and later upload them to SciFlow.

Select the references you want to transfer to SciFlow via the check boxes on the left-hand side of your entries in Citace. Once you have selected the desired ones, click on the download button in the upper right corner.

Then choose to download your references as BibTeX (Ve formátu BibTeX) and pick a hard drive location to save the file.

Uploading to SciFlow

With the proper .bib file at hand, open the Reference Library in SciFlows sidebar and click on the top right context menu (Manage references). Under the rider Others, you'll find the option to Upload .bib file. Select the file you exported from Citace in the step above and receive your references in your personal library, ready for citing.

Updating Your References

You can upload as many files exported from Citace as you like. Should you ever need to update one of the references already imported to SciFlow, apply the necessary change to the entries that need updating in Citace and export and upload them to SciFlow again. SciFlow automatically refreshes the respective entries with the new information.

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