Suggestions are a pro feature only available to users with a Campus License or members of SciFlow Groups. Users without such a plan may still reject or accept suggestions, but aren't able to leave them themselves.
The suggestions are an addition to the comment function that allows for the display and immediate appliance of rewording suggestions while collaborating.

  1. Leaving a suggestion

  2. Discussing a suggestion

  3. Accepting or rejecting a suggestion

  4. Filtering suggestions

Leaving a Suggestion

The suggestion function is built upon the commenting system and available to everyone with a SciFlow Groups or Campus License. The button to leave a suggestion appears after highlighting a text portion in the editor.

Clicking on that button lets you enter the suggested replacement text through the Suggest a new term field. Via the comment field below, you can add further context to your suggestion, although this is not mandatory to post a suggestion.

After confirming your choice, you and all other participants can see and review the proposed change in the running text and via the Comments menu in the sidebar.

Discussing a Suggestion

Since suggestions are part of the comments, you can similarly discuss them. That way, you can open a thread and talk about a proposal before accepting or rejecting it.

If you want to post a comment about a suggestion, select the proposed change in question from the running text or through the Comments menu.

From there, you can write out your remark in the comment field below the suggestion. Click on the Just send comment button (paper airplane icon) to leave your comment without touching the suggestion. Collaborators can now continuously add to the open thread.

Accepting or Rejecting a Suggestion

Above commenting on a suggestion, you can accept or reject it as well. Those options will either apply the new term to the text passage (Accept) or leave the original iteration in tact (Reject).

To directly accept or reject a proposal, use the respective buttons on top of the Comments menu after selecting a particular suggestion.

If there is a need for further context when accepting or rejecting a proposal, you can again use the comment field to type out the note to accompany your confirmation or rejection. Choose one of the provided buttons below the field to accept (Accept with comment) or reject (Reject with comment) the suggestion with the chosen note.

Accepted and rejected suggestions are delivered to the archive of the Comments menu. Read below for more information on how to access archived proposals.

Filtering the Comments Menu for Suggestions

As part of the commenting infrastructure, suggestions are listed in the Comments menu. Open proposals are listed there, and via the Discussion archive button on top of the menu, you can access accepted and rejected suggestions besides any archived comment threads of a document.

To better discern between suggestions and comments, you can filter the listed item through the Filter discussions button. Selecting that button allows you to set the filtering parameters that range between the discussion types and the discussion status.

After selecting the desired filters, click on Apply to see all items applicable to your search terms.

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