Thank you for choosing SciFlow. You and your Co-Authors can write your abstract in SciFlow and submit it to the conference with just one click.

In this Chapter, which we call H1 (for Heading 1) we put together tips to get the most out of SciFlow.

Before submitting you can delete this H1. You will also find these guidelines in the reference tab.

Requirements from the conference team

Deadline: 3-Dec-2017

Length: 1 Page

We hope you enjoy working with SciFlow. All the best for your abstract.

References and Citing

You have two options to use your references

  1. Import your references from a bib or ris File to SciFlow
  2. Manage your references manually

Please see below a short description for both options

1. Import your references

On the right side, you find the references menu. You can upload your bib or ris file. To cite a reference click the cite button in format bar and choose your reference. SciFlow will add the citation and add the source to the Bibliography automatically. 

2. Manage references manually

If you don’t want to upload your references to SciFlow, you can add references manually.

To reference your text, please insert a superscript number 1 and add the reference to the bibliography. An example is provided in the bibliography.

Please format your references in the American Chemical Society style.


All co-authors should be invited to join SciFlow. The author who created the abstract is the corresponding Author.

Corresponding Authors and Co-Authors can insert their name and their institution in the “My Profile” view. These information will be added to your abstract.

If you would like to change the corresponding author later, please use the chat in the left bottom corner to let us know. You can also write us additional Authors, who were not invited to join SciFlow. 

The SciFlow team will take care of the changes you would like to have for the appearances of Authors. Please let us know. 

Submitting your abstract to the conference

On the right, you find the template area. The conference template is already selected. You can preview the pdf. 

As soon you are ready to submit your Abstract, please press submit. A window opens where you can add a message to the conference team.

After you submitted, changes in the document won’t be visible to the conference team. 

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